Juli Hindsley, Child Therapist, St Petersburg FL

Juli Hindlsey, Child Therapist

Juli Hindlsey, Child Therapist

Juli Hindsley, child therapist, received her B.A. in Psychology from the University of Tampa.

She received her MS in Applied Developmental Psychology from the University of New Orleans and her MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of South Florida.

Juli is licensed as a Certified Trauma Practitioner from the National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children (TLC). She specializes in working with children who have suffered a (typically non-violent) trauma leading to PTSD, and anxiety disorders. She is one of the few experts in the area who focuses on this type of counseling.

Juli is devoted to the enhancement of healthy children and family relationships. She is a passionate, caring, and experienced resource to help your children reach their full potential.

She has obtained extensive training in:

  • Child and adolescent development
  • Clinical psychology
  • Anxiety disorders and PTSD in children
  • Parenting during infancy and toddlerhood
  • How parenting affects child social and cognitive development
  • Individual and family therapy session with children and adolescents
  • Anxiety, depression, crisis intervention, abuse/trauma, and behavior modification

Her training has taken place in a wide variety of settings (schools, outpatient clinics, hospitals, and private practices) with a wide range of populations. They include:

Juli’s most recent credential is Certified Trauma Practitioner (CTP) and specialist for the ages of preschool through 18. She has been trained in a wide variety of violent (e.g., rape, domestic violence, physical/sexual/emotional abuse) and non-violent situations (e.g., car accidents, natural disasters, divorce, critically ill family member, adoption, foster care, jailed parent.)