Do you feel that you’re missing something in your understanding of your child’s behavior?

Despite your best intentions, do you worry that the way you react to your child may be making things worse?

All parents and children encounter strains in their relationship at some point.

Maybe a new sibling is born and the burden of shifting attention has caused a child distress. Maybe a child’s difficult temperament is challenging. Maybe a stressful crisis at work or with other family members has set the parent-child relationship off-course.

Parent Consultations

For parents seeking guidance and empowerment, a parent consultation can help. This consultation experience provides parents the opportunity to learn about their child’s underlying feelings and motives as well as learn about their own behavior in interactions with their child.

Parents often seek assistance for the following kinds of issues:

  • Screen time and social media concerns
  • Setting appropriate boundaries and limits
  • Developing methods of discipline that are both effective and respectful
  • Learning to parent as a team and to be consistent
  • Encourage open and respectful communication
  • Build your child’s confidence and self-esteem
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