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Welcome to Child & Family Therapy Center!

A team of child therapists and counselors at Child and Family Therapy Center in St. Pete, FL

Counseling Services & Therapy for Children, Teens, Families & Parents

Welcome to Child & Family Therapy Center in St. Petersburg, Florida. We offer counseling and therapy services for children, teens, parents and families. Founder and Licensed Child and Family Therapist Juli Hindsley, with her team of dedicated counselors, are all passionate about child development. We have worked with hundreds of families to provide valuable resources and coping skills for children of all ages and their families. We have helped children facing a wide variety of challenges including life-changing events like death and divorce, any type of trauma, social and personal issues, sibling and family struggles, a disinterest in activities, noticeable changes in behaviors and more. The team at Child and Family Therapy Center offers counseling services and therapy, along with a network of other valuable resources to help your family.

Therapy services offered in Spanish & English

Meet Our Therapists

Juli Hindsley, Counselor and Founder of Child and Family Therapy Center

Juli Hindsley, LMHC, CTP

Founder, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

From a devoted mother’s helper as a young child to 15 years worth of graduate education and work experience with children, teens and families, Juli’s passion and understanding of child development makes her an outstanding resource for children, parents, & families.

Cristina Lema, Counselor at Child & Family Therapy Center

Cristina Lema, LMHC


Cristina is a devoted to the enhancement of healthy children and family relationships and has a welcoming and strength-based approach helping your child to feel at ease and comfortable. She is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish.

Brianna Hill - Child and Family Therapy Center in St Pete

Hayley Tarling, RMHCI


Hayley has expansive experience working with clients ages 3-18+ with a variety of diagnoses. She is committed to ensuring her clients have a safe space to heal and grow as individuals. Her main goal is to equip her clients with the necessary tools to pursue life confidently and independently.

Therapy for Children in St Pete, FL

Does My Child Need Therapy?

Therapy can be a valuable resource for your child or teen as they navigate growing up. Based on a child’s age, there are numerous factors that can influence behavior and reactions. It is sometimes hard to separate age appropriate issues such as sibling rivalry, peer and family relationships, college readiness, romantic interests, and hormones. However, if your child has experienced or is dealing with one of the following scenarios below, a consultation for therapy would be appropriate to maintain mental and behavioral health.

A Life-Changing Event

If your child has or is experiencing the death of a loved one (family, friends, pets), a divorce or subsequent step parent(s) or siblings, extreme family tension, a recent move or change in schools, the birth of a sibling, emotional, physical or sexual abuse, including bullying

Struggling/Disinterest in School & Activities

If your child is struggling in school, and/or if your child has become disinterested in previously enjoyable activities or wishes to stop participating in extracurricular activities, including a dis-interest in peer-relationships

Noticable Changes in Behavior

If your child has had a noticeable change in behaviors that has lasted for a month or more, and/or if these behaviors are unmanageable and creating stress at home, including if your child seems more sad or moody than normal

Excessive Worrying

If your child worries about their future, their family, their health or the world, and it seems excessive or are unable to be redirected

Coaching for Parents

Child and Family Therapy Center recognizes that children’s issues often involve people other than the child alone. Parents are affected, as well as siblings, and others in the home. We offer parent coaching and counseling services for parents, both individually or as a couple. We have found that parents are often struggling alongside their children and that coaching, guidance, and therapy can be very effective in helping them cope.

Parent Workshops

Your Home • Your Guests • Your Concerns • Our Expertise 

Raising Happy Kids Parenting Workshop at Child and Family Therapy Center

Raising Happy Kids: Parents Learning Together

General questions about any number of  topics involving children’s issues, family challenges, and more.

Sad child outside; Child and Family Therapy Center

The Anxious Child

Anxiety can be hard to spot in children and teens but the good news is that it is treatable. Learn how a child’s worries about day-to-day life, social situations and more can be addressed and tools provided to cope and heal.

Therapy for teens and preteens in St Pete

Screen Time & Social Media 101

Learn the good news and the bad news regarding social media. This workshop is designed to provide the tools and vocabulary you need to help your children make wise choices and to understand the consequences of social media.

Professional Affiliations & Nominations

Child & Family Therapy Center - Best of Florida Nominee
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Best of Tampa Bay Juli Hindsley, Child Therapist in St. Pete

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