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Coaching & Counseling for Parents

Parenting today is HARD. Parenting values have shifted a lot since previous generations. At Child and Family Therapy Center, we see these parenting shifts, and we honor them.

With a global pandemic influencing it all, the challenges parents face today feel endless. Our highly skilled mental health professionals can help. At Child and Family Therapy Center we help parents navigate it all, from behavior struggles at home/school, bedtime/eating battles, sibling relationships, co-parenting between households, parenting philosophy differences, social media/technology issues to “mom-guilt”, parent burnout, the mental load of parenting, family planning differences and more. Parent Coaching Sessions can be completed during daytime hours when kids are at school, and can be conducted virtually or in person, to maximize ease.

At Child and Family Therapy Center, we believe that confident, capable kids are derived from confident, capable parents, and we can help each parent recognize their value and worth with parent coaching.

Resources for Parents

The Internet can overwhelm with the amount information and recommendations provided. Here is a compilation of resources we consider to be most helpful.

Parent Workshops

Your Home • Your Guests • Your Concerns • Our Expertise

Imagine having a trusted professional in your home to explain and help with child and adolescent issues such as discipline, screen time, anger, moodiness, outbursts, school refusal, and parent-child communication. Child Counseling Services provides parent workshops that educate and reassure you in an atmosphere of privacy and shared concerns among friends.

Raising Happy Kids

Parenting Workshop

The Anxious Child

Parenting Workshop

Screen Time & Social Media 101

Parenting Workshop

Therapy services offered in Spanish & English

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