Family Therapy

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Counseling for Families

As any parent knows, a family can only function as happily as their saddest/most struggling member. At Child and Family Therapy Center, we offer family therapy services to address issues that are affecting the functioning of the family. Family therapy can be used to help your family through a difficult period (a death of a loved one or a family separation), a major transition (a move, a school change, a job change, adding new family members), mental health or behavioral issues in other family members, and more.

The goal of family therapy is the recognize the unique needs and voice of each individual member, and weave these needs together in a more harmonious way. Family therapy may include individual session with kids and parents, along with group session as a family. While this process may feel overwhelming on the forefront, family therapy sessions are often the most beneficial and helpful for all involved.

Therapy services offered in Spanish & English

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