As soon as Halloween is over, the rush of the Holiday season comes in fast, and it is overwhelming for adults and kids alike. The excitement and fun can lead into hyperactivity and meltdowns (for parents too!) – so how can you help your children enjoy the next few months? 

“Anything outside of a typical routine can result in unwanted behaviors,” said Juli Hindsley, a child therapist in St. Petersburg. “The best thing we can do, in hopes of minimizing meltdowns, is to prepare our kids for each change as they arise.”

Hindsley suggests walking them through their day, highlighting when and how it will look different to them. The St. Petersburg child therapist also adds the importance of reminding them of relatives that are visiting or even staying with the family, and how household expectations may differ when guests are around. Above all else, she advises trying to keep things as routine as possible. 

“Even small moments like bath time or keeping up with chores can help establish a sense of normalcy for children,” said the child therapist. 

At the end of the day, you know your child best so try to temper expectations with how they will cope with big or unknown activities. In those moments when it doesn’t go right, Hindsley points to reframing the situation with your little one by validating how hard change can be on adults as well.

Happy Holidays - Surviving them with kids