Empowering Parents for a Harmonious New Year

Insights from Child Therapists and Personalized Coaching at Child and Family Therapy Center

Parenting in the modern era poses unique challenges, amplified by the complexities brought forth by a global pandemic. At Child and Family Therapy Center in St. Petersburg, Florida, founded by Licensed Child and Family Therapist Juli Hindsley, our dedicated team of counselors recognizes the shifting landscape of parenting values and the unprecedented challenges parents face today.


Understanding Modern Parenting Challenges:

In a fast-paced world, parents grapple with an array of challenges – from behavior struggles to the mental load of parenting. Child therapists at our center offer valuable insights into the evolving dynamics of modern parenting, acknowledging and addressing the unique difficulties faced by parents.


Embracing Parent Coaching:

Enter Parent Coaching Sessions at Child and Family Therapy Center, a specialized service designed to empower parents. These sessions, conducted by our highly skilled mental health professionals, provide personalized guidance and support. They cover a spectrum of issues, including behavioral struggles, bedtime battles, sibling dynamics, co-parenting complexities, and the pervasive influence of social media and technology.

Recognizing the time constraints parents often face, our Parent Coaching Sessions can be scheduled during daytime hours when children are at school. This flexibility, whether conducted virtually or in person, ensures that parents can engage in self-growth without compromising their daily responsibilities.


Promoting Confident, Capable Parenting:

At the core of Child and Family Therapy Center’s philosophy is the belief that confident, capable kids stem from confident, capable parents. Through personalized coaching sessions, parents gain tools and insights to foster a positive and nurturing environment for their children. This emphasis on empowering parents is the cornerstone of the center’s mission.

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About Child and Family Therapy Center:

Child & Family Therapy Center, under the leadership of Founder Juli Hindsley, is dedicated to providing counseling services and therapy for children, teens, parents, and families. Beyond therapy, the center offers a network of valuable resources to support families in their journey toward a harmonious and fulfilling future.

As we step into the new year, Child and Family Therapy Center invites parents to explore the transformative power of insights and personalized coaching. Empower yourself for a positive parenting journey in 2024.

Parent Coaching at Child and Family Therapy Center