Child and Family Therapy Center Name Change

We are so excited to announce our name change and new brand, Child and Family Therapy Center! Below is a copy of our press release that we put out to announce the launch of our new brand.

Child & Family Therapist Rebrands & Expands Practice to Include a Focus on Parent Coaching
Children’s Counseling Center is Now Child & Family Therapy Center

In an on-going effort to develop professionally and meet the needs of her clients, Licensed Child and Family Therapist, Juli Hindsley and her team of highly skilled mental health professionals have renamed their practice to Child and Family Therapy Center. Previously called Children’s Counseling Center, the name change highlights an area of focus that has grown quite a bit recently, family therapy and parent coaching. The new logo and website ( reflect these changes and break down the services and areas of focus.

Passionate about childhood development, and offering services in both Spanish and English, Juli and her team have worked with hundreds of families and children in St. Pete, FL and beyond. Having worked with children of all ages, from toddler to young adult, as well as families and parents individually, they started to notice that parents themselves, as well as families as a whole, were benefitting from the counseling services often as much as the child. 

It’s hard being a parent today! Parenting values have shifted a lot since previous generations, and with technology and culture influencing our children more than ever, it can be overwhelming. The challenges can seem endless, and raising children during a pandemic has added another layer of complexity. Child and Family Therapy Center offers coaching and counseling services for parents, as well as resources, workshops and other tools to help restore balance and confidence, provide tools to cope with challenges, and also to help each parent to recognize their value and worth.

Some of the issues Child and Family Therapy Center can help parents navigate include behavior struggles at home/school, bedtime and eating battles, sibling relationships, co-parenting between households, parenting philosophy differences, social media and technology issues, “mom-guilt”, parent burnout, and more. 

In addition, family therapy services are offered to address issues that are affecting the functioning of the family as a whole, including divorce, death of a loved one, a move or school change, adding new family members, mental health or behavioral issues in another family member, and more. The goal of family therapy is to recognize the unique needs and voice of each individual member, and weave these needs together in a more harmonious way with a goal of using tools and techniques to restore balance in the home.

Children are the heart of Child & Family Therapy Center. Child and teen therapy services can be very beneficial for a variety of challenges. Services are often sought out when children are faced with traumatic experiences like the death of a loved one or pet, divorce, family tension, a move to a new school or home, birth of a sibling, emotional, physical or sexual abuse, bullying, etc. Anxiety and depression among young children have increased exponentially in recent years, and Child and Family Therapy Center is well equipped to help children of all ages navigate these struggles. Recognizing that teenagers need a different approach than young children when it comes to therapy, as well as have different issues and stressors, their approach changes with teens. Typical areas of focus for teens include, social media, cyberbullying, social skills/social anxiety, parent-teen communication, school-anxiety, college readiness, sibling dynamics, time management and more.

At Child and Family Therapy Center, Juli Hindsley and her team believe that confident, capable kids are derived from confident, capable parents. We have rebranded to Child & Family Therapy Center to expand our practice and offer counseling and therapy services to families, parents, teens and children in the St. Petersburg, FL area and beyond.